Our Premium repair service includes the following:

All internal parts and labour required to repair your coffee machine including wear & tear parts such as grinders and coffee brewing units.

  • In Detail: Entry diagnostic with JURA animation system, failure identification, if necessary repair (exchange of defect components), decalcifying, cleaning, review of all other functions (~ 15 test coffees), exit diagnostic with JURA animation system and end cleaning.
  • External Parts and transport costs will be charged in addition.

We probably are the only in Klang Valley who focus on JURA’s repairs and parts replacement for common wear/tear parts. Contact us immediately when you face the following issue:

  • Grinder replacement/servicing
  • Brewer replacement/servicing
  • “FILL BEANS” though bean hopper is full
  • Milk frother not able to siphon milk
  • Malfunctioned milk section
  • Coffee taste becomes more watery
  • “ERROR 4” message
  • “MALFUNCTION 8” issue
  • Milk steam/frother pump works but no water come out from steam arm
  • “EMPTY GROUNDS” despite the bean hopper is full
  • Keep on displaying “EMPTY TRAY”
  • Frequent cleaning and descaling display
  • Drip tray out of machine but can’t fit back

You will be amazed; your fully automatic coffee machine will look like new, enhanced immediately with coffee pleasure in perfection and provide many more relaxing moments. The technical condition of your JURA coffee machine will directly reflect on the taste of your coffee in every cup.

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