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Keeping Pace With Changing Times

Since 1931, the Swiss company JURA Elektroapparate AG has been developing innovative high-end household appliances.

As a pioneer in the field of automatic espresso/coffee machines JURA has been a main contributor to the household appliance sector since the middle of the 1980s. Now, the company uses its experience and know-how for the development of semi-professional appliances for the office and foodservice sector.

The traditional Swiss brand has now become a global player. The main office of the company is located in Niederbuchsiten, Switzerland. JURA is represented in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, the US, the UK, Australia, Spain, Sweden and South-East Asia by its own sales organisations and joint ventures. In many parts of the world the company is entering the market closely cooperating with distributors.

Why fully automatic coffee machines?

  • you can choose from the full range of fresh coffee beans.
  • the bean-to-cup philosophy suits your taste.
  • you can create a perfect, fresh cup of coffee at the touch of a button.
  • you see yourself as part of the environment and want to help protect it in the long term.

Worry no more, we are glad to help

We specialized in JURA

We specialize in the repair of all Jura bean to cup machines. The company has many years experience of selling and repairing these machines holding most common parts in stock. Kuala Lumpur and rest of Klang Valley area is now covered with on site service for the Jura range of machines.

We Can Solve your Coffee Problem
Our engineers offer either a workshop based or a site visit repair service. With our based near Jaln Ipoh, we have a wealth of experience in the repair of a vast range of JURA fully automatic coffee machines to call upon. We also hold a wide range of spares covering many models – from old F50 to the high-end GIGA series. if you require any parts please contact us.

The Right Solution for your Office
We had been doing JURA servicing for years – thus making us the right partner to service your offices and organization’s coffee machine, irregardless from who or where you purchased your JURA coffee machines.

We can now repair your JURA fully automatic coffee machine from within 5 working days! Or you can sign up on our affordable preventive maintenance package for your offices. 🙂

JURA is what we do the best

  • We are probably the ONLY who does JURA repair and services as core business.
  • Consisting of JURA technical specialists with years of experience
  • Use only ORIGINAL JURA coffee machine parts and accessories
  • Work closely with JURA’s regional principal
  • Well-informed with latest JURA news and product announcement
  • We can SELL, and we can help to MAINTAIN.

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